Allied Special Forces Memorial Grove

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Garden 1 - Special Operations

The Grove starts at Annette's Memorial Way. From the dark green posts with disabled access and wheelchair signs you will find a hardened surface grassed over, which is visitor, pram and wheelchair friendly. It forms part of a central spine of the Grove to the Sun Room and onto the Falklands & Airborne Forces memorial ways. 

Dr. John McCrae Tree Seat - "In Flanders Fields" Poem by the Surgeon General Canadian Armed Forces


138 & 161 Squadrons RAF Memorial - RAF Tempsford

◾ 299 Squadron RAF Memorial - Special Operations Flights

            ◦ PO Bert Horan 
            ◦ WO Jack Fry 
            ◦ WO Basil Jaggard 
            ◦ WO Reg Lowmanbaker 
            ◦ WO Maurice Davis 
            ◦ WO Gus Tyers 

◾ 624 Squadron RAF Memorial - Special Duties Flights

◾ Humphrey Macare - Dutch Special Operations Executive

◾ David Haughton Finlayson ~ French Special Operations Executive

◾ Special Forces Signals Association

◾ Escape Lines Memorial Society - Home Run Memorial Stone

◾ Major Maurice Budd MC - V Special Force Burma and Royal Sussex Regiment

◾ Major John Sehmer - Special Operations Executive 

◾ Squadron Leader Vera Atkins Memorial Seat and the women of "F" (French) section, Special Operations Executive

            ◦ Madeleine Bayard - Womens Royal Naval Service (WRENS)
            ◦ Yolanda Beekman - Womens Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF)
            ◦ Denise Bloch - First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (FANY)
            ◦ Andree Borrel - FANY
            ◦ Muriel Byck - WAAF
            ◦ Madeleine Damerment - FANY
            ◦ Noor Inyat-Khan - WAAF
            ◦ Cecily Lefort - FANY
            ◦ Vera Leigh - FANY
            ◦ Sonia Olschanezky - Recruited in France
            ◦ Elaine Plewman - FANY
            ◦ Lillian Rolfe - WAAF
            ◦ Diana Rowden - WAAF
            ◦ Yvonne Rudellat - FANY
            ◦ Violette Szabo - FANY 

United Nations Partisan Forces Korea

◾ Lieutenant. L S Adams-Acton

◾ Major W E Anderson

◾ Sergeant. C H Lane

◾ Sergeant D M Sharp

◾ Sergeant J N Wells

◾ Fusilier G Mills


 View the Grove from above courtesy of Martin Ray of ARODRONE

 "Operation Deadstick" - Fund raising Video produced to help raise funds for Pegasus Bridge Memorial Flight can be viewed on

Pegasus Bridge Memorial Flight - The Maquette under construction courtesy of BBC Hereford and Worcester.













The Allied Special Forces Association is creating the Allied Special Forces Memorial Grove, which is an integral part of the National Memorial Arboretum situated close to the village of Alrewas, Staffordshire. DE13 7AR.  The Grove has 7 gardens being developed with the Sun Room in Garden 4 at its centre. The Grove is a place for remembrance, commemoration, education and quiet contemplation.  It is being developed as an OPEN AIR BOOK, with every plaque and memorial telling a story, some a sentence, some a paragraph and some with whole chapters.  Much of the planting is designed to eventually provide all year round colour.  The Grove is a living memorial, in harmony with nature and growing in stature. 

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