Allied Special Forces Memorial Grove

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Garden 3 - Raids, Raiders, Reconnaissance & Resistance

Annette's Memorial Way passes the Dieppe Raid Memorial "Remembering Canadians", which is full of heather and virtually always in flower. The heather in flower represents the Plaid of the Scottish Canadian Regiments who fought at Dieppe during WW2.

◾ Gabrielle Petit - Belgium Citizen - WW1 - Secret Intelligence Service - Executed 1st April 1916


◾ Dieppe Raid Memorial Garden

◾ Popski's Private Army Memorial

◾ Army Film & Photographic Unit

◾ Moussey Memorial and Cross of Lorraine Seat

◾ Flying Officer Robert William Walker Lutz - 247 Squadron - Typhoon Raider.

◾ The Reconnaissance Corps Plaque

◾ 46 Reconnaissance Corps Plaque

Post WW2

◾ Norman "Aussie" Fewell - 1st Green Jackets - Borneo

◾ Charles Saunders - 1st Green Jackets - Borneo

◾ Frederick Hunt - 1st Green Jackets - Borneo

◾ Andrew Rimmer Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers - Breakaway Survival Club


◾ Chris Lewis - Breakaway Survival Club

◾ Gary Reid - Breakaway Survival Club

◾ John Probert - Breakaway Survival Club

◾ Mark Cooper - Breakaway Survival Club

◾ Helen's plaque

◾ Annette Colton Memorial


View the Grove from above at courtesy of Martin Ray of ARODRONE.

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Pegasus Bridge Memorial Flight - Maquette construction underway in the workshop. 


The Allied Special Forces Association is creating the Allied Special Forces Memorial Grove, which is an integral part of the National Memorial Arboretum situated close to the village of Alrewas, Staffordshire. DE13 7AR.  The Grove has 7 gardens being developed with the Sun Room in Garden 4 at its centre. The Grove is a place for remembrance, commemoration, education and quiet contemplation.  It is being developed as an OPEN AIR BOOK, with every plaque and memorial telling a story, some a sentence, some a paragraph and some with whole chapters.  Much of the planting is designed to eventually provide all year round colour.  The Grove is a living memorial, in harmony with nature and growing in stature. 

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