Allied Special Forces Memorial Grove

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Garden 4 - The Sun Room and Special Air Service

The Carving's 

The names of the sponsors of the Sun Room build have been carved into the oak frame. 

Outside the Sun Room

◦ Annette's Stone from Hereford Cathedral

◦ Special Forces Signals Association plaque

◦ Stimmies Stone from Strasbourg Cathedral

Special Air Service Memorials

Inside the Sun Room 
Memorial to the SAS soldiers and Special Forces Support soldiers who lost their lives in the Falklands War 1982. 
Brass plaque kindly donated by the Parachute Regiment Association of Newport. 
◾ Raymond Armstrong 

◾ John Arthy 

◾ Malcolm Atkinson

◾ William Begley 

◾ Paul Bunker 

◾ Robert Burns 

◾ Phillip Currass

◾ Sidney Davidson

◾ Lawrence Gallagher 

◾ John Hamilton

◾ William Hatton

◾ Garth Hawkins

◾ William Hughes 

◾ Philip Jones 

◾ Paul Lightfoot 

◾ Douglas McCormack 

◾ Michael McHugh 

◾ John Newton 

◾ Patrick O'Connor

◾ Steve Sykes 

◾ Edward Walpole

SAS Memorial Seats in the Sunroom

◾ Alex Spence

◾ Don Large

SAS Memorial Garden

Battle of Mirbat Memorial 1972 commemorating SAS soldiers: -

◾ Talaiasi Labalaba    Royal Irish Rangers (Lost his life during battle) 

◾ Tommy Tobin          Catering Corps (Died in October of wounds sustained during the battle) 

◾ Mike Kealy               Lost his life during training in 1979 

SAS Memorials left to right from the Mirbat Memorial

◾ Paddy Brady            Royal Army Medical Corps and SAS Medical Instructor 

◾ Bill Stoker                RAF & Sultan of Omans Airforce (Strikemaster pilot during battle of Mirbat) 

◾ John 'Lofty' Arthy     22 SAS & Welsh Guards 

◾ Steve Moores          22 SAS & Coldstream Guards

◾ Bob Consiglio          22 SAS & 40 Commando Royal Marines 

◾ Gilbert 'Taff' Iles      22 SAS & Royal Engineers

◾ David Morgan         13 Flight Army Air Corps 

◾ Christopher Gibb    Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers 

◾ John Dunn             45 Commando - Royal Marines 
◾ 'Norrie' King            22 SAS & Parachute Regiment 

◾'Sailor' Maine           22 SAS, Parachute Regiment, Royal Navy, Merchant Navy & Royal Hospital Chelsea

◾'Jock' Thomson       22 SAS & Parachute Regiment 

Bravo Two Zero Tree Seat  (Undergoing restoration from 1st March 2016)

◾ Bob Consiglio         22 SAS & 40 Commando Royal Marines

◾ Dave Denbury        22 SAS & 9 Para Royal Engineers 

◾ Steven Lane           22 SAS & 9 Para Royal Engineers 

◾ Vince Phillips         22 SAS, Parachute Regiment & Royal Marine Commando 
Sun Dial Memorial 

◾ Phillip Currass       22 SAS

Sun Room benches

◦ Hereford Ex-Services and Hereford Welsh Club bench

◦ Escape Lines Memorial Society bench

◦ Two Teak benches and two directors chairs courtesy of Mike and Annette Colton

Sun Room Ceiling Plaques

◦ 1 Para Diest - Belgium

◦ 3 Parachute Regiment - Belgian

◦ 18 Signals Regiment

◦ 29 Commando Royal Artillery

◦ 264 Signals Squadron

◦ Airborne Pathfinders

◦ Annette's Memorial Way

◦ Argus Association

◦ Breakaway Survival Club

◦ Dieppe Raid

◦ Dieppe Raid Diorama

◦ Falkland Islands

◦ Normandy Veterans Association

◦ Parachute Regiment

◦ Popski's Private Army

◦ Remembrance Sunday  Poem - Stirling Lines Hereford by Scarf Jones - Royal Green Jackets (Ret'd)

◦ Ron McKeon - 264 Squadron and Tower of London Poppy

◦ Royal Army Ordnance Corps

◦ Royal Green Jackets

◦ SEALS -  US Sea Air Land Special Forces

◦ South Atlantic Medal Association

◦ Special Air Service

◦ Special Boat Service


View the Grove from above with courtesy of Martin Ray of ARODRONE.

Fund raising video to help the "Peggi Fund".

Pegasus Bridge Memorial Flight - Maquette construction in the Forge.






The Allied Special Forces Association is creating the Allied Special Forces Memorial Grove, which is an integral part of the National Memorial Arboretum situated close to the village of Alrewas, Staffordshire. DE13 7AR.  The Grove has 7 gardens being developed with the Sun Room in Garden 4 at its centre. The Grove is a place for remembrance, commemoration, education and quiet contemplation.  It is being developed as an OPEN AIR BOOK, with every plaque and memorial telling a story, some a sentence, some a paragraph and some with whole chapters.  Much of the planting is designed to eventually provide all year round colour.  The Grove is a living memorial, in harmony with nature and growing in stature. 

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