Allied Special Forces Memorial Grove

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Garden 5 - Royal Marine Boom Patrol Detachment

Cockleshell Heroes - "Operation Frankton" 1942

Just outside the Sun Room and opposite the Phil Currass Sun Dial is Garden 5 where a wooden seat carved into the symbolic shape of a 15ft. by 2ft. 6in. Cockle Mark II canoe as used by the Royal Marines during "Operation Frankton" in 1942.

Underneath we have planted Elijah Blue grass, which will eventually grow and the Cockle will give the appearance of being at sea.

This seat and the two memorial plaques commemorate the Royal Marines who took part and the French civilians who assisted them during their attempted escape after the successful raid.

"The Not Forgotten"

◾“Catfish”         Major Hasler & Marine Sparks ~ Both escaped after the raid and survived the war.

◾“Crayfish”       Cpl. Laver & Marine Mills ~ Betrayed after raid, captured and executed.

◾“Cuttlefish”     Lt. MacKinnon & Marine Conway ~ Capsized, captured and executed.

◾“Coalfish”       Sgt. Wallace & Marine Ewart ~ Capsized, swam to shore, captured and executed.

◾“Conger”        Cpl. Sheard & Marine Moffatt ~ Capsized, towed to near shoreline, but lost at sea.

◾“Cachalot”      Marine Ellery & Marine Fisher ~ Canoe damaged on HMS Tuna, returned to base.

◾“Reserve”       Marine Colley ~ Returned to base from Submarine.

“Per Mare, Per Terram” ~ “By Sea, By Land” (Royal Marines Motto)

Vice-Admiral Lord Mountbatten 1942

‘I knew it would be certain death for the gallant men who took part, unless brave men and women
of the resistance movement in France came to their rescue.’

L'affaire Française -«Les Anglais se souvenir de ça!!»

En mémoire éternelle de ces braves Français qui ont aidé les Royal Marines à atteindre leur mission avec succès et finalement leur fuite vers la liberté, alors qu'ils ont continué à mener la résistance.

◾ M.         Yves Ardouin

◾ Mme.    Jeanne Baudray

◾ Mlle.      Anne-Marie Bernadet

◾ M.         Olivier Bernard

◾ M.         Cadillon

◾ M.         Cheyreau

◾ M.         Alibert Decombes

◾ Mme.    Amelie Dubreuille

◾ M.         Armand Dubreuille

◾ M.         Fernand Dumas

◾ M.         Rene Flaud

◾ M.         Pierre Gacis

◾ M.         Lucien Gody

◾ M.         Louis Jaubert

◾ Mme.    Louise Jaubert

◾ M.         Andre Latouche

◾ Mme.    Malichier

◾ Mlle.     Alix Mandinaud

◾ M.         Rene Mandinaud

◾ Mlle.     Yvonne Mandinaud

◾ M.         Jean Mariaud

◾ M.         Edouard Pariente

◾ M.         Clodomir Pasqueraud

◾ Mme.    Irene Pasqueraud

◾ M.         Marc Pasqueraud

◾ M.         Yves Pasqueraud

◾ M.         Robert Pouget

◾ M.         Georges Rieupeyrout

◾ Mme.     Rouillon

◾ M.          Francois Rouillon

◾ M.          Maurice Rousseau

◾ M.          Rene Rousseau

◾ Mme.     Marthe Rullier

◾ and many more!

Comtesse de Milleville Mary Lindell OBE and her sons Maurice, Oky and Barbe

The ‘Marie-Claire’ and Pat O’Leary Escape Lines

«L'esprit de la résistance aide àlibérer l'âme d'une nation » 

View the Grove from above with courtesy of Martin Ray of ARODRONE.

Fund raising video to help promote the "Peggi Fund".

 Pegasus Bridge Memorial Flight - Maquette construction in the Forge.





The Allied Special Forces Association is creating the Allied Special Forces Memorial Grove, which is an integral part of the National Memorial Arboretum situated close to the village of Alrewas, Staffordshire. DE13 7AR.  The Grove has 7 gardens being developed with the Sun Room in Garden 4 at its centre. The Grove is a place for remembrance, commemoration, education and quiet contemplation.  It is being developed as an OPEN AIR BOOK, with every plaque and memorial telling a story, some a sentence, some a paragraph and some with whole chapters.  Much of the planting is designed to eventually provide all year round colour.  The Grove is a living memorial, in harmony with nature and growing in stature. 

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