Allied Special Forces Memorial Grove

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Garden 7 - Pegasus Bridge Memorial Flight & Airborne Forces

Pegasus Bridge Memorial Flight

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Consists of a flight of 3 scale model Horsa Gliders descending in a spiral to the top of a post. This memorial will commemorate the Glider Borne "Coup de Main" operation, which took place on the 6th June 1944 and secured the vital crossings over the Caen canal and Orne river.

This vital operation was undertaken primarily by the 2nd Battalion Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry under the command of Major John Howard, along with the Glider Pilot Regiment, Royal Engineers, Royal Army Medical Corps and 7 Para liaison. 

The design of the 3 gliders descending on a giant S shape is symbolic of this most Secret operation, carried out in Silence with Speed, Stealth and achieved complete Surprise.

Airborne Forces Memorials

The Airborne Forces memorials will commemorate airborne soldiers and all those who supported their actions in war and peace. We have recently added plaques commemorating a WW2 soldier who fought at Arnhem 1944 and four soldiers who lost their young lives in the Falklands War 1982.

Plaque 1 - Jason Burt age 17, Neil Grose age 18 and Ian Scrivens age 17 - 3 Para - Falklands War 1982

Plaque 2 - Mark Dodsworth age 24 - 3 Para - Falklands War 1982

Plaque 3 - Cyril Wilde age 92 - 3 Para - Arnhem 1944


 View the Grove from above with courtesy of Martin Ray of ARODRONE.

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Pegasus Bridge Memorial Flight - Maquette construction in the Forge.

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The Allied Special Forces Association is creating the Allied Special Forces Memorial Grove, which is an integral part of the National Memorial Arboretum situated close to the village of Alrewas, Staffordshire. DE13 7AR.  The Grove has 7 gardens being developed with the Sun Room in Garden 4 at its centre. The Grove is a place for remembrance, commemoration, education and quiet contemplation.  It is being developed as an OPEN AIR BOOK, with every plaque and memorial telling a story, some a sentence, some a paragraph and some with whole chapters.  Much of the planting is designed to eventually provide all year round colour.  The Grove is a living memorial, in harmony with nature and growing in stature. 

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